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Stephanie Harvey 2

Stephanie Harvey

Senior Fermentation Scientist


Bioprocessing and Fermentation

Areas of expertise

• Microbial fermentation for flavour, functionality, preservation; particularly in dairy food systems
• Enzymology, including hydrolysates for added-value products, flavour, bioactives &/or product functionality
• Protein chemistry; protein purification, identification & quantitation; some expertise in heat stability of proteins, fouling, product functionality/stability (milk powders, UHT beverages)
• New product development (NPD) and new technology development (NTD) innovation within a commercial, international & consumer-centric context
• Method development; HPLC, LC-MSMS for quantitation &/or identification of peptides, proteins, carbohydrates & phospholipids; quantitative proteomics
• Environmental microbiology (water quality)


• PhD (Cell & Molecular Bioscience); Victoria University of Wellington


Stephanie joined Callaghan Innovation in 2018 after 20 years’ research experience for the New Zealand dairy industry.

She is experienced in the delivery of NPD and NTD research for food systems, within the commercial food sector.

She has a PhD in Cell and Molecular bioscience from Victoria University of Wellington (Microbiology/Biochemistry/ Proteomics).


• Developments in cheese microbiology in New Zealand – use of starter and non starter lactic acid bacteria and their enzymes in determining flavour, Coolbear, T., Crow, V., Harnett, J., Harvey, S., Holland, R., and Martley, F., lnternational Dairy Journal, 2008, 18, 705 – 713.
• McJarrow P., Garman J., Harvey S. & van Amelsfort A. Dairy Process & Product. Patent: WO 200349547 A2-A3 20030619 (WO 0349547).
• Schlothauer, R-C., Schollum, L. M., Reid, J. R., Harvey, S. A., Carr A. & Fanshawe, R. L., Improved bioactive whey protein hydrolysate, Patent: WO 200219837 A1 20020314 (WO 0219837).