Our people

Andrew MacKenzie

Andrew MacKenzie

Principal Research Scientist


Lipids and Natural Products

Areas of expertise

• Lipid analysis
• Phospholipids
• Fatty acids
• Enzyme modification of lipids


• PhD Chemistry, 2001, University of Auckland

Professional activities

• Member of the American Oil Chemists Society (and member of its Australasian division).
• AOCS Approved Chemist – Marine Oil Fatty Acid Profile 2015 - 2018
• Member of the NZIC
• Member of The Oils & Fats Specialist Group of the NZIC


Andrew manages much of the commercial analytical activities of the Lipids Team.

He established 31P NMR analysis of phospholipids which has been valuable to New Zealand dairy and marine products industries.

Andrew is the technical manager for Callaghan Innovation’s IANZ accredited phospholipid analytical service.


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• The identification and quantification of phospholipids from Thermus and Meiothermus bacteria, Lagutin, K., MacKenzie, A., Houghton, K.M., Stott, M.B., Vyssotski, M., Lipids, 2014, 49:1133-1141; DOI: · 10.1007/s11745-014-3946-z
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