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Kevin Mitchell2

Kevin Mitchell

Senior Research Scientist


Lipids and Natural Products

Areas of expertise

• Natural products isolation and characterisation
• Bioassay guided fractionation and identification of bioactive natural products
• Enzymatic glucuronidation and isolation of glucuronide conjugates of xenobiotics
• Assay method development for quantification of natural product compounds and routine quantification services as required


• PhD Botany, Victoria University

Professional activities

• Member NZIC


Kevin has a strong interest in analytical techniques for quantification and isolation/structural elucidation of natural products compounds. This work is carried out directly for a range of commercial clients and also in conjunction with other teams within Callaghan Innovation that specialise in industrial scale process development.

Kevin has carried out enzymatic glucuronidation reactions to generate and isolate glucuronide conjugates of xenobiotics for the pharmaceutical industry at the milligram to gram scale.


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