Our people

Peter Dyer

Peter Dyer

Principal Chemical Engineer


Process Engineering

Areas of expertise

• Solvent and high-pressuring extractions
• Filtration and centrifugal separation of natural products
• Process scale-up, pilot scale processing and trial products
• Heat and mass transfer equipment and design
• Processing modelling and pilot plant design
• HAZOP (Process Safety) and HACCP (Food Safety)


• PhD Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Vanderbilt University
• B.E.(Hons) Chemical and Process Engineering, University of Canterbury


Peter focuses on process design for commercial applications, with emphasis on reaction or modification of natural materials using chemical or enzymatic approaches, followed by the downstream processing for the concentration or isolation of target molecules or fractions.

The main biological industries are in plant/fruits, marine, meat, and fermentation, including the wastewater generated from these industries. Applications are normally in food, nutraceuticals, and animal food or health.