Our people

Owen Catchpole

Owen Catchpole

Team Leader, Chief Engineer


Food Technology

Areas of expertise

• Supercritical extraction – processing & products
• Chemical, process & food engineering
• Functional food & nutraceutical product development
• Tech transfer & scale-up
• Bee products (honey & propolis)


• PhD Chemical Engineering, University of Birmingham, UK

Professional activities

• FEngNZ
• NZ Science & Technology Silver Medal (RSNZ), 2002
• NZIC Fonterra Prize for Industrial and Applied Research, 2009


Owen’s chemical engineering background has been applied to the development of extraction, separation and fractionation processes for the production of nutraceuticals, functional foods, dietary supplements and cosmeceuticals from biologically derived raw materials to a semi-commercial scale.

His research has led to the establishment of supercritical extraction as an industrial process in New Zealand, and a range of high value products and supporting process and product patents for New Zealand and international companies. He is currently establishing food processing technology expertise in Auckland, and works closely with the FINNZ network.


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