Medical device technology

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We bridge the gap between industry, clinicians and technology to commercialise products for health and wellness.

Following a user-centred design process, we connect researchers, clinicians and industry to test hypotheses and accelerate the development of medical technology products.


What we offer

The team has strong focus on user-centred design process, and works closely with business, academia, hospitals, clinicians and patients. It also engages with user groups such as the Stroke Foundation NZ, the Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's Society and the Autism NZ.

We have developed technology for several digital health gaming companies in NZ, including ableX (computer games for stroke recovery), Exsurgo (robots for stroke recovery) and MTech Games (virtual reality for spinal cord injury rehabilitation).


Case study

The VR Wheelchair Trainer by MTech Games

Wheelchair trainer VR screenshot

Business opportunity
To develop a virtual reality (VR) trainer for people with tetraplegia which allows them to master their powerful new wheelchairs without colliding with any real hazards.

What we did
Organised co-funding, designed a study with the Burwood Academy of Independent Living (BAIL), and commissioned Stickmen Media to virtualise a real hospital rehabilitation unit. We also introduced MTech Games to a contact at the world’s biggest wheelchair research facility, developed a protocol to reduce virtual motion sickness by up to half in just five days, and begin testing to get it to a clinically workable level.

MTech are commercialising a niche application which will generate ongoing revenue.